How Negative Thinking Can Hurt Your Marriage

negative thinking

The purpose of getting married is to share your life with your loved one and to live happily ever after, but things don’t always go as planned. As the honeymoon period is over, and the years go by, difficulties arise and these hardships can put a dent into the strongest relationships. Whether you’re dealing with [...]

Repair or Trash? 6 Items You Shouldn’t Throw Out When They Stop Working

repair or trash

In a culture built around consumerism, lines tend to be blurred around “repair” and “replace.” Companies sometimes want you to throw out their products when something goes awry so you’ll buy something new. As it turns out, though, many things we think to trash can be repaired relatively easily. Let’s look at a couple. Cellphones [...]

Family Heirlooms: How to Protect Your Family Valuables

family heirlooms

When valuable property has been handed down from generation to generation, keeping those items safe and secure should always be a priority. Whether you choose to proudly display these heirlooms in the home or you’ve decided to keep them in a secure storage facility, protecting these antiques can be accomplished in several ways. Climate-controlled storage [...]

6 Home Upgrades That Will Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Help You Save Money


Climate change triggered by the release of greenhouse gases is changing the planet and may have detrimental effects on generations to come. Cutting down on your carbon footprint, or the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds your home emits due to the use of fossil fuels, can have a great impact on the [...]

Dressing Your Daughter for Special Occasions

special occasions

Almost every girl loves dressing up. Special occasions like birthday parties and especially weddings are a perfect excuse to splurge on some extras that you normally wouldn’t get – new shoes, a sparkly new clutch or a gorgeous dress to enhance all your best features. We often tend to go all-out even though sometimes it [...]

Smooth Move: Top Tips for Moving to a New State


Moving is stressful, there is no doubt about it. No one enjoys the mess and disruption of a move, especially a move out of state. However, there are ways to minimize the pain and aggravation. If you follow these tips, you’ll reduce your anxiety and have time to enjoy the excitement of living in a [...]

5 Shocking Things That Make You Look Older

look older

Women are often looking for things to make themselves look better. From expensive creams to fancy makeup, women must be able to discern what’s working for them and what isn’t. Here are five shocking things that can actually make you look much older. Excess makeup for a more youthful appearance? Not so fast. Wearing excess [...]

Ways to Turn Your Passion for Beauty and Style into a Profession

beauty and style

While there are many passions that can be utilized to optimize an individual’s life or society as a whole, excitement and intrigue regarding the realms of beauty and style can be particularly life-enhancing. Once you’ve realized that you have a passion for the world of fashion and beauty, it’s a good idea to turn your [...]

Growing Family: 6 Changes You Will Need to Make Within a Few Years

growing family

Having a family is a wonderful and rewarding experience, and expanding your family is no exception. Once your family starts growing, however, there are often changes to your life and lifestyle that must be made to accommodate. Here are six things that you’ll need to adjust within a few years. Bigger vehicle Having children can [...]