4 Ways to Protect Your Family, Home, and Goods from Fire


Contemplating ways to protect your family, home and goods from fire requires ingenuity, practicality and thoughtfulness. Prioritizing what you can and can’t live without is never something easily considered, yet the threat of fire is an unfortunate reality. Four ways that you can ensure that your family and material goods are protected includes: knowing how […]

4 Things to Remember If a Family Member Passes Away Unexpectedly

family member passes away

The loss of a loved one can present a difficult time for families. A special person who is no longer there can be a difficult reality for some people to accept. However, it is important for families to stay together to console each other during these difficult times. Additionally, families should keep in mind that […]

How to Host a Green Outdoor Party

outdoor party

It is more and more evident that we are leaving a permanent mark on Mother Nature, and in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, it is a good idea to go green, but not just with sustainable lifestyle choices. Using electric cars or materials that are more environmentally friendly is, of course, a great […]

6 Tips To Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Habits

healthy habits

Healthy habits are learned early, which is why it is important that you begin to instill certain behaviors in your child from the very start. When it comes to health, there are several things that children need to learn in order to live long, happy lives. Take a look at the six tips below to […]

Could Birth Control Pills Cause Glaucoma?

birth control pills

Three different groups of researchers conducted studies to provide evidence that there is a significant link between prolonged use of birth control and the development of glaucoma later in life. Prior to the release of this research, there was a conclusion that low estrogen levels also provided a link to women that develop the eye […]

Don’t Forget the Little Things: 6 Often Ignored Details of Divorce

ignored details of divorce

So you have sailed through the choppy waters of divorce and reached agreements on big issues like children and family matters. Unfortunately, you’re probably not done. This is no time to let complacency or fatigue rock your boat in the future with details you may not know to consider now. Here are six often ignored details […]