Your Family and Insurance Plans: 4 Things Your Coverage Might Be Missing


Getting insurance is an important step in protecting yourself and your family from financial disaster during a crisis. Most people recognize the fact that getting insurance is vital, but even the best of us can overlook certain things that really ought to be included in our coverage. Here are four things which your insurance coverage [...]

Understanding Privileges and Consequences: 6 Challenges of Raising Teens

raising teens

Any parent knows that there are challenges that come with raising children and trying to teach them the difference between right and wrong. As children enter the teenage years, rebellion can begin to become a problem both inside and outside of the home. For parents who are raising teens, there are common situations that you should [...]

Checklist for Planning a Girls Birthday Party

girls birthday

Birthday parties and celebrations are always special, especially when you are organizing them for your little girl. Brace yourselves, though, you’ll be handling a bunch of ecstatic kids whose life mission, it will seem, will be to touch everything, scream as loudly as possible, and laugh until tears come to their eyes. To throw an [...]

Top 4 Methods for Teaching Your Teen to Drive


Some parents experience anxiety to the point of panic when it comes to teaching their teens how to drive. Here are four top methods to alleviate this issue. They have been vetted by generations of parents. The first is enrolling your child in a driver education course. This can be followed by tons of practice. [...]

Single Parents: How to Manage Your Time When Going Back to School

single parents

Advancing your education can land you better jobs, making it easier to provide for your family. Single parents experience extra challenges, however, mostly due to finding time to attend classes and study. Here are survival tips geared towards single parents. Schedule study time wisely For most parents, the easiest time to study is when the [...]

5 Signs Your Teen Is Engaging in High-Risk Behaviors


High-risk behavior on the part of your teen puts your entire family at risk. The behavior of your child can lead to civil and criminal penalties depending on the extent of their activities. Recognizing the signs that your teen is engaging in high-risk behavior before it becomes a serious issue can save your family time, [...]

Gum Health and You – What You Need to Know

gum health

Taking care of your gums is one of the kindest things you can do for your future self. Neglecting them can result in gum disease, tooth decay, and lifelong oral discomfort. If your gum disease is severe, correcting it can sometimes require surgery. Fortunately, maintaining healthy gums is easy if you’re consistently brushing, flossing, and [...]