6 Things Parents Do for Their Children But Often Forget to Do for Themselves

parents do

Being a good parent requires much responsibility, hard work, and determination. If you have little ones at home, you probably do everything in your power to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. While spending the majority of your time taking care of your kids, you might neglect to do good things for yourself. If you [...]

Rear-Ended in a Crash? 5 Keys to Recouping Your Losses


Rear-end collisions are incredibly dangerous events. Thousands of pounds of force can be involved in even the smallest of accidents. This can put everyone involved at risk for broken bones, spinal injury, muscle tears and a plethora of injuries that can have lasting effects. The NTSB cites that 1.7 million rear-end collisions happen each year in the [...]

5 Tips for Getting Your Children to Stay Calm at the Dentist


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders estimates that nearly 10 percent of people in the US suffer from dental phobia, otherwise known as fear or anxiety at the dentist’s office. Many people cite a traumatic or painful experience at the dentist’s office in childhood as the reason for their apprehension and disquiet over routine dental [...]

3 Tips for Enhancing Your Career Prospects

career prospects

We’re all quite aware of the importance of education nowadays. Many people enroll in universities and faculties in order to gain knowledge in a specific field of study. Getting a degree in a certain field greatly increases the chances of getting a job. But as there are many qualified and educated people, the competition is [...]

6 Potential Health Hazards in Your Home That Could Quickly Turn into Bigger Problems

health hazards

Most people spend plenty of time indoors. Because of this, it’s important to ensure homes are safe and healthy for you and your family to live in. A health risk can come in various shapes and sizes, found in the air or in household products. Here are six common household items that could potentially be [...]

Raising Charity: 5 Unique Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Be Charitable


Charity is defined as giving to those who are in need out of your own free will. While there’s the usual idea of charity – large or small amounts of money or time given to a specific organization – there are many ways to be uniquely charitable that will benefit everyone. One for one Everyone [...]

5 Thrifty Business Dress Tips to Keep You Looking Your Best

thrifty business dress tips

It can be intimidating and expensive when you start to transition from college to business attire. You may have little more than an interview suit and a couple dress shirts hanging in your closet. With these tips and tricks, you can build an easy work wardrobe without breaking the bank. Keep it simple Start with [...]

Essentials You Need for a Successful Business, Even if You Work from Home

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As a small business owner, you want to take every step possible to make your business a true success. While a small business may be able to cut corners in different ways, there are some things that all businesses will need in order to be truly successful, and this holds true even if you run your [...]

6 Style Tips for the Frugal Housewife

frugal housewife

Most of the time, being frugal is not an option, it’s a necessity. If you don’t want to show up at the parent-teacher conference in gray sweats and fuzzy house slippers, it is imperative to learn how to style yourself, making the most out of every dollar you spend on your wardrobe. Select a color [...]

Treating Addiction in Teens: Getting the Help You Need

addiction in teens

September is National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Sadly, it’s not the only month of the year that teens can find themselves in trouble with substance abuse. As your child crosses over into the teenage realm, they are faced with a veritable onslaught of changes in their body and emotional wellbeing. This is the great [...]