Apartment Living: Tips to Stay Organized and Get Rid of the Extra Clutter

stay organized

If you’re living in an apartment or a small home, then you may be dealing with a general lack of storage space. While there are countless ways to add storage to even tiny areas, a better option is to spend some time focusing on purging and moving items out of the home completely. As you [...]

Dirty Places in Your Home that Are Best Left to the Professionals

dirty places

When it comes to cleaning your home, there are many parts of the property that should be maintained on a regular basis. From the floors to the baseboards, there is a long list of dirty places to clean for a tidy and comfortable space. Although it’s important to maintain a cleaning regime throughout the month, there [...]

6 High-Value Certifications You Can Earn in Under a Year


There are more than a few of you out there who are itching to get a new career started. Fortunately, there are several certifications you can earn in under a year to jump-start you into a new career. Paralegal This is a great option for those who already have a bachelor’s degree but are seeking [...]

4 Easy Steps to Make Your Backyard Party-Worthy

backyard party

Brion and Lyssa accepted the Smithson’s party invitation with anticipation. The neighbor’s house and backyard were beautiful and welcoming for parties. And the couple knew their friends’ party would not be the typical go go go once arriving at the shindig. The Smithsons loved having get-togethers, and they had honed in on an important truth: [...]

5 People You Should Have on Your Emergency Call List You May Not Have Considered


Most families have an emergency call list prepared with the names, numbers, and addresses they might need in the event of various crisis. Having these numbers readily available can be crucial for emergencies where time is of the essence. Here are some numbers you ought to include, but have possibly omitted. A babysitter If you [...]

Items That May Be Damaging Your Credit Score

credit score

Your credit score is a harsh representation of your financial responsibility. There are many places that use your credit score as a reference such as potential employers and landlords. Having a bad credit score can prevent you from getting a job or renting a home or apartment. Being aware of the items that could damage [...]

Living on the Edge: 4 Careers that Are Dangerously Satisfying

dangerously satisfying

Now, if you are like most people, you want more out of your career. Sadly, most of us sit in front of a desk and deal with annoying and boring coworkers. While true, there are plenty of fun and exciting careers that you can enjoy to the fullest. With this in mind, here are four [...]