8 Signs It’s Time Your Parent Needs Care

parent needs care

Children of aging parents never want to have to make the decision to place them in a nursing facility. The impact of losing the ability to function on a normal day-to-day basis can devastate both the children and the parent. Many signs will begin to appear months before a choice has to be made. Falling […]

Healthy Water for Your Whole Family

healthy water

It is widely known that good water is important for a healthy lifestyle. But consider the water that you have in your home. How healthy is it, really? Some choose to drink bottled and filtered water, but even then, it is not enough for your body to be the healthiest. Furthermore, take into account that […]

How to Find the Sport That Best Fits Your Child


Sports can be a source of fun and physical fitness throughout your child’s life. However, there are myriad sports to choose from—from football, basketball, and ice hockey to horseback riding, martial arts, and competitive dance. Here are some guidelines to find the ideal sport for your child. Expose your child to a variety of sports […]

How Deep Cleaning Your Home Can Be a Safety Precaution


According to the US Fire Administration’s (USFA) National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), in spite of reams of safety regulations, continual cleaning, and regular inspections, in a given year, about 1% of the roughly 60,000 restaurants suffer fires at an annual cost of more than $172 million in property damage. An average of 75 people […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Family, Home, and Goods from Fire


Contemplating ways to protect your family, home and goods from fire requires ingenuity, practicality and thoughtfulness. Prioritizing what you can and can’t live without is never something easily considered, yet the threat of fire is an unfortunate reality. Four ways that you can ensure that your family and material goods are protected includes: knowing how […]

4 Things to Remember If a Family Member Passes Away Unexpectedly

family member passes away

The loss of a loved one can present a difficult time for families. A special person who is no longer there can be a difficult reality for some people to accept. However, it is important for families to stay together to console each other during these difficult times. Additionally, families should keep in mind that […]