Self-Made Entrepreneur: 3 Things You Should Always Remember


Ambition and drive are the hallmarks of the self-made entrepreneurial character. These originate from the inner “well” that is never emptied or runs dry. There are three things that you should always remember about becoming a successful self-made entrepreneur: Never allow your inner well to empty or run dry When it comes to entrepreneurial creativity [...]

How to Help Your Kids Build an Awesome Science Fair Project

science fair

Science fair projects are one of the most important activities in a child’s life. They can spur them on to seek new and inventive solutions to problems, which are derived directly from the scientific process and everything involved with it. The challenge is helping your child to create the best science fair project possible without [...]

Mommy Makeover: Most Common Cosmetic Surgeries

mommy makeover

Being a first-time parent is an unbelievably complex and exhausting experience that can turn your life upside down. What all new mommies are constantly told is that their body will undergo numerous transformations. It’s common knowledge that your belly won’t be that flat anymore, your breasts will look less full or even start sagging, while [...]

Must-Have Wardrobe Items for Working Moms-to-Be


Pregnancy is exhausting enough without having to go to work. If you’re lucky to be working from home, then you don’t have “formal outfit” problems. But don’t stop reading because you just might need to be in business meetings during this “bumpy ride.” With all the mood swings and nausea, sometimes, you might not feel [...]

Would You Consider a Career in Day Trading as a Stay-At-Home Parent?

day trading

Day traders buy stocks on the market and sell them the same day for a profit. A professional day trader takes advantage of the minor price changes on the market within the same day. If you are a stay -at-home parent and you have a computer, high-speed Internet and some money to invest, maybe you [...]

6 Unconventional Must-Haves for Any Home Business

home business

Home businesses require special concentration and special equipment. Whereas traditional office environments have a professional atmosphere, home businesses combine a relaxed setting and the amenities of home with professional tools that every modern-day professional needs. The following are six unconventional must-haves that will improve your life as a stay-at-home business person. Fitness ball Giant fitness [...]

Creative Playground: Design a Perfect Room for Your Kid

room for your child

Your child’s room has to have functional space, which provides good conditions for sleeping, learning and playing. It is important to involve your children in decorating their rooms. When it comes to choosing colors, shapes, and furniture, listen to their wishes. Although you may not agree with all of them, accept at least part of [...]

5 Home Upgrades to Consider for This Summer

home upgrades

The real estate market still isn’t what it was 10 years ago. It remains flat, and many homeowners are waiting for it to recover before even thinking about selling. While you’re waiting for your home to increase in value again, there are some things you can do now that will enhance its value even more [...]